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Hooping is fun, rewarding and extremely good for you!! 

Jennie has experience teaching hooping to all age groups and skill levels. Her enthusiastic and caring approach is the perfect recipe for helping students achieve their goals whilst having a great time!

Jennie is available for workshops, classes, school sessions, birthday parties, hen parties and private lessons. Fees vary, please contact directly for further information.

"Jennie is an incredibly talented hooper who has such a broad range of hula hooping moves that there will always be something to learn in a class with her. She's extremely supportive of her students and offers a lot in a teaching session, including a video at the end to practice with. She breaks down moves so they're easy and manageable to learn and I find that, unlike learning tricks through a youtube video, I'm somehow able to pick up tricks quickly in a session with Jennie (and I'm not a particularly fast learner). Overall, Jennie is an amazing hooper, great teacher, and now a really close friend! Always love hooping with her and learning new things."


~ Megan Robinson

I had an hour class booked with Jennie which very quickly turned into two hours, and I could have stayed longer! Jennie taught me a lot of new tricks, which she broke down in a really manageable way - she is a great teacher and we had a lot of fun, too! Would highly recommend, and look forward to my next session with her!

~ Lucy

I've had several hoop lessons with Jennie and each one has seen my ability improve in leaps and bounds. She's an extremely talented lady who has a natural ability to teach.

~ Jennifer McLaughlin

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