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This listing is for a push button collapsible hula hoop made out of polypro tubing and decorated with Purple Orchid retro glitter deco tape. This is a strong, thick clear vinyl tape that has real glitter particles stuck to the inside of it. It is one of the least delicate options when it comes to bling hoop tape and it is absolutely beautiful, especially in the sunshine.


Polypro is very light and responsive, making it an excellent option for intermediate to advanced hoopers, or for beginners wishing to learn off body tricks. Available in both 3/4 (standard) and 5/8 (skinny) polypro tubing and in a variety of diameters (measured by outer diameter.) If you would like a size that isn't listed, please message me to enquire.


If you would like to upgrade your hoop to a sectional, you can purchase an upgrade here:


Colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

Purple Orchid Retro Taped Glitter Polypro Hoop

  • Polypro tubing is more fragile than beginner hoop tubing, and needs to be treated with care. 


    Upon first receiving your polypro hoop, or if you've had it coiled down for longer than a few hours, please allow it to relax and expand for several hours before connecting. Please do not store it collapsed. Coil it down slowly and carefully only when you need to travel with it. 


    Most hoops can be coiled down to half their size, however we do not recommend this, as it puts a lot of strain on the tubing and connector. We recommend partially coiling and tying with the ribbons we provide, instead. 


    Try to avoid leaving your hoop in very hot or cold environments, and to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces. Using your hoop in cold weather - especially if you have a high impact style of hooping - can increase the risk of your hoop breaking.


    If you find the hoop difficult to open, do not yank it - a gentle wiggle-pull motion is what you need. If the button does not sit perfectly in its hole upon closing the hoop, gently twisting one end should solve that problem. 


    With taped hoops, a small amount of wrinkling is inevitable and normal when the hoop is collapsed, but should not be very noticeable when the hoop is restored to its full size.

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