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This listing is for a polypro hula hoop that breaks down into five equal sections, connected with durable polycarb connectors and push buttons, in your choice of colours. Perfect for travelling with, as you won't have to worry about coiling down your hoop, you can just disassemble it! 

Please select your tubing size and hoop diameter from the drop down menu (I measure from outside edge to outside edge) and specify your colour selection in the notes to seller. Hoops will ship up to two weeks from the date of purchase, and domestic orders will be delivered up to three working days after dispatch. Colours may vary due to monitor settings.


Please note that while we try our best to space the fittings on our sectional hoops equally, so pieces may be interchangeable, you will achieve the roundest circle and the cleanest connections by assembling your hoop in the order it was built. We will provide subtle colour coding to help you remember which pieces were fitted together. Colours will be assembled in the order you request.

CUSTOM Five Piece Sectional Coloured Polypro

  • Polypro tubing is much more fragile than beginner hoop tubing, and needs to be treated with care to prolong its life for as long as possible. 

    Try to avoid leaving your hoop in very hot or cold environments, and to avoid dropping it on hard surfaces.

    Please be aware that using your hoop in cold weather - especially if you have a high impact style of hooping - increases the risk of your hoop breaking.

    If you find the hoop difficult to open, do not yank it - a gentle wiggle-pull motion is what you need. If the button does not sit perfectly in its hole upon closing the hoop, gently twisting one end should solve that problem.

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