This listing is for a pre-made and ready to ship infinity style collapsible hula hoop. It measures 38" from outer edge to outer edge, and is made out of intermediate/dance tubing (20mm MDPE - blue water pipe) and decorated in a spiral design of deco and grip tapes. Save 10% compared to a custom order, and get it much faster, too! May have spent some time in storage, but has never been used.

READY TO SHIP: 38" Intermediate Spiral Taped Hula Hoop

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  • If you are a complete beginner, ie. you cannot waist hoop yet, or can waist hoop but still need to learn basic on body hooping techniques such as shoulder hooping, or if you predominantly want to hoop around your waist for health and fitness, choose a hoop in beginner tubing. This is thicker and heavier, and will therefore rotate more slowly and have more momentum. 

    To choose the diameter of your beginner/fitness hoop, measure from your feet to your belly button. Go with this measurement if you are petite, or go up by a size if you are tall and/or curvy. 

    An intermediate/dance hoop is better suited to those with some on body hooping experience who are learning fancy off body tricks, and who want to learn the art of hoop dance, or for those who are simply starting to find their beginner hoop a little too heavy and slow. Order a size or two smaller than your beginner hoop (or a size or two smaller than the measurement between your feet and belly button.)

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