This listing is for a polypro hula hoop that breaks down into five equal sections, connected with durable polycarb connectors and push buttons, in a beautiful shimmery pastel rainbow of Watermelon Sugar, Mandarin Spice, Lemon Lime, Green Tea and Dreamin. Perfect for travelling with, as you won't have to worry about coiling down your hoop, you can just disassemble it! Please select your tubing size and hoop diameter from the drop down menu - I measure from outside edge to outside edge. Hoops will ship up to two weeks from the date of purchase, and domestic orders will be delivered up to three working days after dispatch. Colours may vary due to monitor settings.
Please note that while we try our best to space the fittings on our sectional hoops equally, so pieces may be interchangeable, you will achieve the roundest circle and the cleanest connections by assembling your hoop in the order it was built. Easy to remember with a rainbow hoop!

PASTEL RAINBOW Five Piece Sectional Polypro Hoop


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