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This listing is for a push button collapsible hula hoop made out of polypro tubing and decorated with green satin lustre tape. 


Polypro is very light and responsive, making it an excellent option for intermediate to advanced hoopers, or for beginners wishing to learn off body tricks.


Available in both 3/4 (standard) and 5/8 (skinny) polypro tubing and in a variety of diameters (measured by outer diameter.) If you would like a size that isn't listed, please message me to enquire. 


If you would like to upgrade your hoop to a sectional, you can purchase an upgrade here:


If you would like to add a layer of Crystal Clear protective tape, you can purchase the upgrade here:


Colours may vary slightly due to monitor settings.

Green Satin Lustre Taped Polypro Hoop